Aerospace Solutions

Magni-Tec® Sensing Technology is a business unit of Active Sensors, the renowned designer and manufacture of aerospace LVDT and RVDT inductive position sensors.

Active Sensors design and manufacture high temperature LVDT sensors to quality standards required for high performance aerospace control and measurement systems. Our materials selection and advanced manufacturing techniques ensure superior sensor stability, accuracy and repeatability in the most hostile of environments up to 200C (400F).

Precision-layered winding techniques provide the necessary environmental protection required to avoid dielectric breakdown and produce electrical output stability under vibration, acceleration, mechanical and thermal shock. We have developed our technology by the selection of the highest-grade materials, coupled with the most rigorous environmental testing.

Environmental testing available to US and European aerospace and military standards: RTCA DO160, EUROCAE/ED-14 & MIL-STD-810 -Altitude, Temperature, Humidity, Icing, Freezing rain, Shock, Vibration, Sand and dust, Fluid susceptibility and Fungus resistance

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