The Magni-Tec® range of contactless position sensors are exclusively designed and manufactured by Active Sensors. These pioneering long-life sensors accurately measure linear and rotary displacement utilising patented magnetic-inductive and magnetic-hall technology. Long-life is assured, as there is no electrical contact between the sensing circuit and the activating shaft. Magni-Tec® sensing circuits are designed and manufactured using 'advanced high-damping thermoplastic' to resist vibration, completely waterproof and cushion impacts. Sensor designs are available with single, dual, triple and quadruple outputs and a linear measurement range up to 300mm (12"), or a rotary measurement range up to 360°.

Magni-Tec® sensors are a versatile position measurement solution in control and monitoring systems that experience severe shock and vibration or suffer fluid and debris contamination.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Superior Magni-Tec® contactless technology
  • High temperature operation up to 200°C (392°F)
  • Waterproof - sealed to IP68 & IP69K
  • Suitable for high dither vibration applications
  • Wide choice of mounting options
  • Models in stock for rapid delivery

Magni-Tec® position sensors are used extensively in industrial equipment, automotive, marine & off-highway vehicles, and motorsport control and measurement systems.